About BiteABC

Who We Are

BiteABC aims to become the best and largest professional online English lesson provider to Children ages 5 – 16 in China.

What We Do

We devote ourselves in creating fun, and effective lesson structures and an excellent urriculum to boost the English proficiency of children who have access to the interne at home.

Teacher Appreciation

BiteABC treats our teachers as the most important treasure. We are dedicated to inspiring our teachers to BE MORE CREATIVE AND BETTER. We aim to design sustainable and efficient practices, valuation and training processes to ensure excellence and growth.

Reasons to Work with


It is Convenient

BiteABC provides an online education platform for one-on-one English teaching for the children. You can add your schedule and check the materials conveniently from your home.

We are Reliable

BiteABC’s team truly cares about students learning because we are educators at core.

Being Supported

At BiteABC, we provide lesson plans, a real-time monitor team to meet our teachers’ needs.

About the Job


Teachers, when having classes, should be at a desk and not on the bed or elsewhere. Teachers should also wear a decent top or a collared-shirt during classes.


  • Earn up to 12USD/30 minutes
  • (It depends on your attendance rate, punctuality and class quality.)
  • Full Attendance Bonus
  • Monthly payment will be paid on the 8th of the next month


  1. CV uploading;
  2. Initial interview;
  3. Demo class;
  4. nternet connection testing & System training;
  5. Watch the video records of qualified teachers;
  6. Practice classes;
  7. Sign contract;
  8. Probation performance review;
  9. Being hired.


A regular class takes 30 minutes.

BiteABC sets no limit on how much a teacher teaches during peak and non-peak time. However, non-peak times are not popular amongst our students as they are not available for classes. Please also be advised that it can take up to a month to get a relatively steady stream of classes, as students and parents get to know and try new teachers.

In order to maximize the number of classes you could get scheduled, we recommend you to be available for at least 7.5 hours (15 time slots per week at 30 minutes per time slot) during Beijing peak times. The following tends to be the most requested time periods in Monday to Friday 5:40pm—9:30pm (China Standard Time) and Sunday 2:10pm—9:30pm (China Standard Time). We do not require teachers to work full shifts; but having availability during the times mentioned above could ensure a higher possibility of being booked by our students.

Teachers must enter their weekly availability one week in advance. Teachers can be booked for classes during the week, no less than 24 hours in advance. BiteABC encourages all teachers to check their emails and their schedule pages daily.

We hope you can be cautious when you make your commitment in the beginning to have regular students. We hope you can keep your schedule for at least 3 months. Please don’t overpromise to sign more hours at first. If you have to change your schedule, please give us at least 30 days’ notice in advance.

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